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My Story.

I’ve always been rather shy and awkward. I was that girl. The one trying her hardest to not stand out or be the centre of attention.

But when it comes to business, I have learned that in order to succeed, we have to stand out. In an overcrowded world, and especially online, this can be hard, but definitely not impossible. 

Like so many others, I realized early on in my working life that the regular 8-5 path wasn’t for me. Some people thrive in that type of work environment, but I was miserable. It felt like I was giving my power over to someone else, to companies that didn’t truly value who I was and what I did. I want to see that my work makes a positive impact.

And so, in 2016 I decided to start my own freelance photography business. How hard can it be, right? Well, I quickly learned that it wasn’t all sunshine and roses. It was hard

I made a lot of mistakes that first year, but I also learned a lot. One of those lessons is to find the sweet spot between your passion and skills, and that is your “true north” business. Photography wasn’t mine. This business is. It has become my mission to help new small business owner’s avoid the mistakes I made, and get up and running with a solid digital foundation.

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Clarity and openness are essential to any collaboration and should be the goal for every business interaction. I highly value and appreciate your trust.


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I always strive to create value for all my amazing clients. My motto is “go above and beyond”. Dependability and reliability are important to me.


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